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For more than 38 years, Rashi has been a pillar of Boston’s Jewish community and a leader in the education and enrichment of our children — strongly devoted to facilitating a deep love for and connection to Judaism and Israel through challenging and engaging learning.

RISE: Our Campaign for Rashi
will create opportunities for more students, enhance educational experiences, and enable Rashi to flourish well into the future. Through our RISE campaign we will:

to create access and opportunities for even more students

INNOVATE to drive academic excellence and support our exceptional faculty

SUSTAIN our shared Jewish identity and strengthen our vibrant community

ENVISION a strong, financially secure future and increase our impact

For more information about the RISE Campaign please contact Kim Stone, Director of Development, 781-355-7311 or kstone@rashi.org

Our Campaign Priorities


The Endowment

Grow our endowment in order to sustain and enhance tuition assistance — and create financial flexibility and security now and for generations to come


The Annual Fund

Support our Annual Fund to make every student’s experience their best foundation for learning and life


Academic Excellence and Innovation

Create access and opportunity and provide funds for immediate use to foster curiosity and learning—and support our dedicated and inspiring teachers

Immediate Impact

Your support will help us provide unrestricted immediate support for academic programming, arts, tuition assistance, facilities, and professional development, and allow Rashi to creatively respond to emergent needs.

Rashi relies on community generosity to create an environment where every student is inspired to reach their potential, academically, socially, and spiritually.
Your donations will continue to:

  • Provide micro innovation grants for professional development
  • Purchase new instruments to expand areas of exploration in science
  • Develop cutting-edge school-wide curriculum informed by professional development that builds by grade
  • Add learning specialist in lower school to provide additional expertise and support
  • Upgrade technology
  • Fund salaries, benefits, professional development
  • Support tuition assistance
  • Enhance technology that supports teaching and learning
  • Provide grants for professional development
  • Attract the best and most qualified faculty and staff
  • Grow and sustain the Pre-K program

A Rashi education is the best gift you can give—to your children and to all those in our community. As our alumni often tell us, our graduates are not only successful—they are who they are because of Rashi.”

David Grossman

President, The Rashi School Board of Trustees

RISE Campaign Cabinet

Jessica and Chuck Myers P’20, ’21, ’24, Campaign Co-Chairs
Cindy and AJ Janower P’12, ’15, ’18, Campaign Co-Chairs
Adam W. Fischer, Head of School
Kim Stone, Director of Development P’25, ’29
Amy Klotz, Director of Development – Operations & Stewardship P’20, ’25
Jillian Erdos, Campaign Director
Geraldine Acuña-Sunshine P’18, ’20, ’23
Michelle Black P’16, ’20, ’22
Melanie Camp P’28, ’32
Gregg Darish P’22, ’24, ’27
Kerry Epstein P’26, ’27
Helene Gelber P’22
Shoshanna Goldberg P’24, ’27
David Grossman P’26, ’28, ’31
Leslie Pucker P’11, ’13
Dena Boronkay Rashes P’13, ’16, ’18, ’22
Vikki Sherman P’26, ’28
Jeremy Shinewald P’27, ’30, ex officio
Barry Shrage
Herb Tobin P’01, ’05, GP’31
Larry Tobin ’01, P’31
Matt Zisow P’22, ’24, ’27

The Next Generation

Rashi graduates are innovators and leaders of worthy causes. Their successes, like their Rashi education, are multidimensional. They’re role models within their communities and professions—and for the next generation. You can find Rashi graduates:
  • At the top of their fields on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list
  • Shaping policy in government leadership
  • Excelling in senior roles at Fortune 500 companies
  • As founders and executives of mission-driven startups, nonprofits, and charitable foundations
  • Close to home, healing families at Boston Hospitals and in STEAM research
  • Around the globe, serving refugee children in Greece and advancing access to vaccines in Nigeria
They are Rashi. They are our future.

The values and teachings that I learned at Rashi have been a guiding principle throughout my life, and they have given me the tools necessary to be a leader in my community and to work towards making the world a better place. I am grateful for the influence of Rashi in shaping my worldview and encouraging me to give back.”

Harris Wallack, ’10

Discovering an extension of home

September 17, 2022 — The 50th birthday celebration for Kerry Epstein at her home in Weston, Massachusetts. Photo by Caitlin Cunningham Photography LLC.

When Kerry and Michael Epstein (P ’27, ’28) were looking for a new school for their children, they had hoped for an excellent academic program where every student could be a valued member of a community and build on their strengths. At Rashi, they found it—and so much more.

When they first visited Rashi, they were immediately drawn to both the quality of learning and the way Rashi’s Jewish lens added depth to its studies, reinforcing values of deep learning, community, and social justice.

From their initial interviews onward, the Epsteins also witnessed Rashi’s investment in the success of every child—providing supportive scaffolding to help students through challenges and leveraging their talents and interests so that they can flourish academically, socially and emotionally.”

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